Run this function to test the internet connectivity of your device and the current status of the supported Services.

rba_connection_test(print_output = TRUE, diagnostics = FALSE)



(Logical) (default = TRUE) Send the tests' output to the console?


(Logical) (default = FALSE) Show diagnostics and detailed messages with internal information.


Connection test for the supported servers will be displayed in console and the results will be invisibly returned as a list.


This function attempts to send a simple query to the supported services. If the service successfully responded, you will be informed with a success message; If not, the content of the error will be reported to you.
Please run this function if you encounter any errors while using rbioapi. Also, if you need to contact support, kindly call this function with 'diagnostic = TRUE' and include the output messages in your support request.

See also

Other "Helper functions": rba_options(), rba_pages()


# \donttest{
# }