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Using This function you can submit a request in miEAA servers to perform Over-representation or GSEA Analysis for a given set of miRNA identifiers. see "arguments" section for more information.


  species = "hsa",
  categories = NULL,
  p_adj_method = "fdr",
  independent_p_adj = TRUE,
  sig_level = 0.05,
  min_hits = 2,
  ref_set = NULL,



a character vector with your mature or precursor miRBase miRNA accessions. Note that

  1. Only miRBase v22 miRNA accession are accepted. You can use rba_mieaa_convert_version to convert your accessions to miRBase v22.

  2. Your list should be entirely consisted of either mature or precursor miRNA accession. A mixture of both is not accepted.


Type of your supplied miRNA accession. either "mature" or "precursor".


The analysis to perform. can be either "ORA" for 'Over Representation Analysis' or "GSEA" for miRNA (Gene) 'Set Enrichment Analysis'. Note that in GSEA, your list should be sorted beforehand based on some criterion.


Fully or partially matching Scientific name, abbreviation or NCBI taxon ID of one of the following species:

  1. "Homo sapiens", "hsa" or 9606

  2. "Mus musculus", "mmu" or 10090

  3. "Rattus norvegicus", "rno" or 10116

  4. "Arabidopsis thaliana", "ath" or 3702

  5. "Bos taurus", "bta" or 9913

  6. "Caenorhabditis elegans", "cel" or 6239

  7. "Drosophila melanogaster", "dme" or 7227

  8. "Danio rerio", "dre" or 7955

  9. "Gallus gallus", "gga" or 9031

  10. "Sus scrofa", "ssc" or 9823


one or multiple Category names to be used for miRNA set enrichment analysis. Note that

  • Available categories varies based on your chosen specie and if your supplied miRNA type is mature or precursor. Use rba_mieaa_cats to retrieve a list of available category names for a given specie and miRNA type.

  • If you supply NULL, the analysis will be performed on all of the available categories.


P-value adjustment method to be used. Should be one of: "none", "fdr" (default), "bonferroni", "BY", "hochberg", "holm" or "hommel"


(logical) The scope and level of p-value adjustment; if TRUE (default), the categories will be considered independent from each other and the p-value will be adjusted separately for each category. if FALSE, the p-value will be adjusted collectively over all categories.


(numeric) The significance threshold of adjusted P-value. values equal to or greater than this threshold will be dropped from the results.


(numeric) How many miRNA should a sub-category have from your supplied test-list to be included in the results? (default is 2)


(Optional) Only applicable when test_type is "ORA". This character vector will be used as your reference (background or universe) set for p-value calculations.


rbioapi option(s). See rba_options's arguments manual for more information on available options.


A list that contains your submitted job's ID and a URL to manually check for your job status.


Note that using rba_mieaa_enrich is a more convenient way to automatically perform this and other required function calls to perform enrichment analysis on your input miRNA-set using miEAA.

Corresponding API Resources



  • Fabian Kern, Tobias Fehlmann, Jeffrey Solomon, Louisa Schwed, Nadja Grammes, Christina Backes, Kendall Van Keuren-Jensen, David Wesley Craig,Eckart Meese, Andreas Keller, miEAA 2.0: integrating multi-species microRNA enrichment analysis and workflow management systems, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 48, Issue W1, 02 July 2020, Pages W521–W528,

  • miEAA browsable API tutorial

  • Citations note on miEAA website


# \donttest{
Sys.sleep(1) # to prevent 429 error during R CMD check
rba_mieaa_enrich_submit(test_set = c("hsa-miR-20b-5p", "hsa-miR-144-5p"),
    mirna_type = "mature",
    test_type = "GSEA",
    species = 9606,
    categories = NULL)
# }