Use this function to search the event hierarchy and retrieve a list of all lower level pathways (non TopLevelPathway class) that contain a given 'Physical Entity' or Event. See "Arguments section" on how to modify your search.

  with_diagram = FALSE,
  all_forms = FALSE,
  species = NULL,



The entity that should exist in the pathways.


Logical: only include pathways with diagram?


Logical: should other variants of your supplied entity_id be considered? (e.g. same molecule but in different compartment, secretory form etc.) see rba_reactome_participants's "Details section" to learn more about how Reactome classifies molecules.


(optional) Numeric or Character: confine your search to a specific species by providing it's NCBI Taxonomy identifier (Human Taxonomy ID is 9606) or species name (e.g. "Homo sapiens"). See rba_reactome_species or Reactome Data Schema: Entries: Species.


rbioapi option(s). See rba_options's arguments manual for more information on available options.


Data frame where each row is a pathway that contains your supplied entity and columns are pertinent information.

Corresponding API Resources

"GET entity/id"
"GET entity/id/allForms"


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  • Reactome Content Services API Documentation

See also

Other "Reactome Content Service - Pathway Related Queries": rba_reactome_pathways_events(), rba_reactome_pathways_top()


# \donttest{
rba_reactome_pathways_low(entity_id = "R-HSA-199420")
# }
# \donttest{
rba_reactome_pathways_low(entity_id = "R-HSA-199420", with_diagram = TRUE)
# }
# \donttest{
rba_reactome_pathways_low(entity_id = "R-HSA-199420", with_diagram = TRUE,
    all_forms = TRUE)
# }