Use this function To retrieve a list of Reactome ReferenceEntity associated to your supplied Cross Reference (i.e. External) ID.

rba_reactome_xref(xref_id, ...)



molecule's cross-reference (external) identifier.


rbioapi option(s). See rba_options's arguments manual for more information on available options.


List containing the ReferenceEntity corresponding to your supplied cross-reference (external) ID.


Reactome cross-references external database's identifiers to it's database Entries named ReferenceEntity, which resembles the invariant aspect of a molecule. Thus there is a one-to-many relationship between Reactome's ReferenceEntity object and the molecule's ID in external databases, which in Reactome's terms is called Cross Reference.
See rba_reactome_participants's "Details section" to learn more about how Reactome classifies molecules.

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  • Reactome Content Services API Documentation


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