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Prior to perform enrichment, Enrichr requires you to upload your gene-list and retrieve a 'user list ID'.


rba_enrichr_add_list(gene_list, description = NULL, organism = "human", ...)



A vector with Entrez gene symbols.


(optional) A name or description to be associated with your uploaded gene-set to Enrichr servers.


(default = "human") Which model organism version of Enrichr to use? Available options are: "human", (H. sapiens & M. musculus), "fly" (D. melanogaster), "yeast" (S. cerevisiae), "worm" (C. elegans) and "fish" (D. rerio).


rbioapi option(s). See rba_options's arguments manual for more information on available options.


A list with two unique IDs for your uploaded gene sets.


Note that using rba_enrichr is a more convenient way to automatically perform this and other required function calls to perform enrichment analysis on your input gene-set.

Corresponding API Resources



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  • Enrichr API Documentation

  • Citations note on Enrichr website


# \donttest{
rba_enrichr_add_list(gene_list = c("TP53", "TNF", "EGFR"),
     description = "tumoral genes")
# }