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Using this function you can retrieve a Position Frequency Matrices (PFM) associated with a matrix profile Identifier along with its details and annotations. If a base ID (i.e. without version suffix) was supplied, the latest version will be returned.


rba_jaspar_matrix(matrix_id, file_format = NULL, save_to = NULL, ...)



Character: A matrix profile Identifier. It has "base_id.version" naming schema.


Character: Instead of returning a R object, you can directly download the profile matrix in file with this format. Supported formats are: "yaml", "jaspar", "transfac", "meme" and "pfm"


NULL or Character:

  • NULL: (only if file_format was supplied) Save the file to an automatically-generated path.

  • Character string: A valid file or directory path to save the file to.


rbioapi option(s). See rba_options's arguments manual for more information on available options.


A list that contains the PFM along with its details and annotations. If file_format was supplied, an un-parsed character string with the file's content.

Corresponding API Resources

"GET ""


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  • JASPAR API Documentation

  • Citations note on JASPAR website


# \donttest{
# }
if (FALSE) {
rba_jaspar_matrix(matrix_id = "MA0600.2",
                  file_format = "meme",
                  save_to = "")